A Post About Optimism: The 3 P’s

Hey friends, followers, whoever happens to come across this post.

I was up quite early this morning and past 4am was just pondering life since I couldn’t sleep. I wasn’t restless, but more like perfectly content with my own thoughts. I happened to have a few revelations you might say, and wanted to share them with the world. They’re pretty simple ideas actually, but more of those reminders in life that you need to hear every so often.

I haven’t been feeling like myself lately and I’m sure it’s due to the fact I just graduated college and am home for a long summer before my next adventure begins. However, I’ve just gotten too downtrodden on life for no reason and I’ve been wanting to try and find my happy place again. For everyone who’s recently graduated, can we all just agree this is a crazy time in life where we’re trying to figure out our lives out and prepare for what’s next? I’m sure I’m not alone with being confused this summer even with a plan in place for the fall. One thing is definitely not to get down on ourselves (I need to remind myself too, believe me) since – let’s remember one of my past posts – we’ve come so far (and got so far to go). Anyways, onto the jist of my article, let me offer some optimistic anecdotes cause I’m full of optimism today and want to spread some of it to you all:

So for all those friends who just graduated college, and for those who already have, if you’re ever down on yourself just remember that this feat alone is incredible and you should be SO proud of yourself. It’s a fortune to have a degree and because of it you will always have the possibility for a good job. Don’t take it for granted because thousands of people would give anything to have a solid college education because it equals one thing- opportunity. One of those really, helpful, useful things in life. 

Now first, remember you have POTENTIAL! I love this word. I love what it means. I love what it represents. It entails that there are more positive things coming your way. It’s saying that there is more out there for you to grasp. Isn’t a great compliment when someone says that you have potential? It makes you believe in yourself more, it’s a trigger word that makes you feel proud and that you have what it takes. From this you get determination and a drive that makes you accomplish things. The trick is you can use your potential, or you can waste it. And it all goes back to optimism. Let me just say that everyone has potential, and you should pursue whatever it is. There’s no expiration date for it, but it’s easier to get started now when you have more of an optimistic spirit. You DO have the potential to do whatever it is you’re meant to do, you CAN achieve your goals through what it promises, but you MUST act on it and stay optimistic.

Perspective is another word that has a deep and powerful meaning to it. You’ve most likely heard the saying perspective is everything. It literally is, in almost all cases- I’d like to believe in any case. It’s about mind over matter, it’s about you being in charge of your thoughts, it’s the fact you have the key to your own destiny and happiness. You have the ability to change your perspective anytime, anywhere; if you don’t like the current lense you’re looking through right now, do something about it. That’s what happened to me this morning, and it’s something I have to do once in awhile when I’m not feeling like myself. You can go from being depressed and feeling sorry for yourself, to feeling pure joy and positivity just from changing your perspective. I tend to have a bit extreme of a personality sometimes where I can go from seeing the worst in things to seeing the absolute best scenario, but it can be a good practice to live out your life to the fullest. I go directly to the root when I need a new outlook on life. Meaning, I consider the simplest of my blessings and the fortunate things I have (like food, housing, health) to ultimately understand that I should be so grateful for each and every one of those thing. I imagine what it would be like to live without all the luxuries I take for granted and it helps me see in a new light. I think of people who go without the basics in life and it grounds me. Sometimes all it takes is thinking of each thing you’re grateful for, other times maybe it takes a photo to help you see things in a new way, or even talking to someone else. I know it’s not the best application to think of all the bad in the world but just a little can reframe your mind completely to put you back in your place and let it settle in. All in all, if you don’t like the frame in which you see things, think about things, or live life following, then look outward to discover a new perspective. It does wonders. A positive perspective will help you achieve your potential in the long run.

Okay lastly, I was thinking about happiness and how people say do whatever makes you happy and how we all search for happiness in the end. However, I think instead of happiness, people are seeking purpose. We all want to feel like we are on this earth for a reason- we search the world to find our purpose: through things, places, ideas, dreams, and other people. For example, finding love is said to give us happiness- the root of our desires. However, I think it’s more about how it gives us purpose. You suddenly have a reason to be- to be with someone else and it gives you fulfillment and a sense of why you’re living. Additionally, obtaining our dream job is another way to your happiness. But it truly gives purpose. It’s another reason to be walking the earth, to provide for yourself, your family, your loved one. Once we find our purpose, this is what gives us happiness.

You see, you have this potential in you, and with the right perspective, you will find your purpose. Boom. That’s what optimism can do. Potential + Perspective = Purpose. An optimistic lifestlye does equal a happy life. Just remember, throughout it all be positive- be a light- be that person who smiles- be someone who radiates happiness, that can change someone’s outlook just by looking at them, and by effect feel it too. I know I have a high optimistic spirit, and it’s harder for other people, but take it with a grain of salt. Of course you’re not always going to be happy- you’re going to feel down, stressed, annoyed, tired, angry, hungry, sad- but accept it and follow the 3 P’s: POTENTIAL, PERSPECTIVE, & PURPOSE.

***Potential (a constant) + Perspective (it’s variable) = Purpose (your goal) [But seriously, should I market this? Next TED talk? Future motivational speaker? Lemme know ;)]

Have a lovely day my friends and I hope I shed a little bit of optimism to brighten your day. 🙂





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