About Me

“With brave wings she flies.”


Hello and welcome to my blog!

I’m Mikaela, an American global business student and a travel & lifestyle writer. 


Growing up, my family traveled back and forth between our hometown in California to the Midwest to visit relatives. My mom was on an 8-year voluntary furlough from flying to raise her young family and that meant I was always traveling domestically. I learned at an early age to love flying and airports have always made me feel a certain passion and energy for traveling around the world. My first international flight was at age 15, solo, from Chicago to France and I will never forget my 2 weeks spent in Annecy and Paris getting my first taste of a foreign place. White Minimalist Coffee Quote Photo CollageAt the time I knew no French and thereon after chose to study French in high school and college. I attended a small, private school in Southern, California and my junior year got the opportunity to study abroad in Grenoble, the French Alps. Grenoble is an exquisite city and where former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis studied following a year in Paris. I loved my time there so much I extended my stay another semester. I made lifelong friends from around the world and got to visit 13 countries in Europe. White Minimalist Coffee Quote Photo CollageWhen I say lifelong friends I mean it: three of my friends from the USA, France and Mexico all came to California for my graduation ceremony. After graduating from college, I signed up for a year of teaching English abroad through the TAPIF (Teaching Assistant Program in France) program and got the chance to live in Montpellier for 10 months. I also worked as a live-in nanny, or Au Pair, for a beautiful French family of 5. White Minimalist Coffee Quote Photo CollageMy newest adventure is pursuing a unique, tri-continental Master’s program in Global Business which will take me to Canada, Austria and Peru. I am very excited to see where this next journey takes me and am fulfilled knowing I am happiest when traveling the world and discovering new places.

I aspire to be a U.S. diplomat someday using my foreign language skills, experiences and knowledge to promote global understanding and peace for the future generation of Americans and global citizens. Working for the foreign service is my dream!White Minimalist Coffee Quote Photo Collage  Butterfly Blessings, my blog, aims to inspire those with the never-ending desire to travel and explore our world! Whether you’re studying or teaching abroad, traveling or seeking to do any of these things please feel free to flutter around my site and enjoy! I offer insight into being a foreign exchange student, TAPIF teaching assistant and life as an Au Pair all in France along with vacationing to top European destinations and daily motivations to help you on your journey on wherever life may take you.


Always remember to keep calm & flutter on!


Grosses Bisous, XOXO,