American Grad Student in Canada

Hello from Victoria Island! I’m currently all settled into my new home here in British Columbia, Canada. For those who don’t know, BC is located on the west coast under Alaska and above Seattle. I really need to learn all the Canadian territories myself since I don’t recall learning them in American school. This is such a cool place! Canada has already intrigued me with its nature, indigenous history and daily life. I haven’t even come across maple syrup, hockey or wild mooses. That being said, today is day 2 in this new country and I’ve hardly seen anything.

January 1st I arrived at the YYJ Victoria Airport to start off 2020 on a completely fresh note. I flew in on a small plane from Seattle and the short flight was breathtaking to say the least. Lot’s of gorgeous islands and ocean lay before my eyes which was all fairly clear to see from the airplane window (window seat of course!); I knew there would be views 😉

Breathtaking Views 10,000 ft.

My landlord picked me up and was a pleasant conversationalist. I saw farmland, mountains and lots of people outside because the tempurature was surprisingly warm. He even drove me through the University of Victoria campus which was a very kind gesture since I’d never seen the school before in person. The campus is set up in a circle so you can drive all the way around it and end up back where you started. 

My new home here in Victoria is absolutely perfect with all the amenities I could ever need, including a bicycle to ride to and from campus. I have my own room and share a living room space, office/study area, laundry room and a kitchen. It’s spacious and quaint. I met my landlord’s wife as well who is also amazingly friendly and cheerful. I got so lucky with them!

My first full day in Victoria it was rainy weather all day, but I still went on my campus tour. I felt like an undergraduate again, better yet a senior in high school, back to the days when I was deciding college. Yikes. I like being a master’s student. I feel older and wiser and at least think I have a decent grasp on the world. I’m glad I didn’t wait more than a year post-grad to study though since I already feel like a senior!

UVic is a really pretty campus and to me it’s big! Chapman was so small that Canada’s smallest public university is gigantic to me. It was funny walking through the chemistry and engineering buildings since my major was the opposite of that and found it interesting there’s an entire building procurated for indigenous students. There’s totem poles on campus and I really didn’t realize how well Canada protects and values their indigneous people.

Anyways, I’m here as an MGB or Master’s of Global Business student. I’ll pretty much only be taking classes in the Business and Economics building (Gustavson School of Business) and even in one classroom primarily (see below! All the flags represent where students have come from!) This grad program is fairly new and its first cohort was back in 2010. Although I guess that’s older than I think since now it’s 10 years later… I’m going to be taking a wide variety of courses here at UVic from international finance to supply chain and logistics. It should be a really busy term with lots of group projects and difficult concepts to master. 

So there you have it. I’m finding Canada to be wonderful and a literal breath of fresh air here in Beautiful British Columbia (How it reads on their license plates :)) It feels kind of different here compared to America and I get to see more French (yay!) but nothing is strikingly eye-turning. I can’t believe I’m actually here and have an entire program to look forward to. This weekend I hope to check out downtown Victoria and be there at night to see the last of their “Lights of Wonder” in the city. Maybe I’ll run into the royal vacationers, Meghan & Harry, who are here on holiday! Oh, and also the campus is a 10 min. walk from the beach. Wow. I may not be here in the right time of year (January-April), but that’s not going to stop me.

My wall of postcards… this global business travel-around-the-world program must have been made for me…

Loving Canada, loving life & enjoying this new adventure <3



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