Beautiful British Columbia

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I have so been enjoying my time in Canada thus far. British Columbia is a beautiful place to live and I thought I’d share with you what I’ve been up to the past two weeks since my last post.

Exploring Downtown Victoria:

Dowtown is less than a half an hour by bus from my home making it an easy and convenient place to shop, walk around or go to bars and restaurants. It’s small but offers so much!

The Parliament Building at Night
The Famous Empress Hotel
January in Victoria

Playing Curling:

Curling is considered Canada’s favorite “sport” after hockey… and it’s quite fun too! During our Master’s MGB orientation week we had a curling event to show us some classic Canadian culture.

To play the game, you basically slide and release the “rock” with your hand toward the other side of the ice rink while simultaneoulsy gliding on the ice on one knee. If the rock gets inside the circle on the other end, you gain points for your team! I was okay at it, but it definitely takes an understanding of speed and time.

Trying Curling for the First Time
MGB Group Curling Event

Road Trip to Port Alberni:

This was my absolute favorite trip! After the long orientation week, we had a weekend break plus Monday and Tuesday so a group of friends and I rented a car and drove 2.5 hours to a place called Port Alberni where we decided to stay.

The sight of a rainbow at the start of a journey is always a good sign!
Viewpoints from the road
Snow falling!

Skiing at Mount Washington:

I highly recommend going to Mount Washington, a set of mountains north of Victoria. A day trip there cost us $175CAD each with rentals, but on a Monday with the slopes to ourselves and freshly fallen snow, it was 100% worth the price. The mountains were frigid cold but I so enjoyed this experience.

Hiking up Mt. Douglas:

I am so lucky to have this gorgeous park near my home! Great for hiking numerous trails and getting some great exercise while in nature. I went with a group of friends on our Snow Day, when the whole university was closed on our first day of Masters classes! We took advantage of the freshly fallen snow and hiked up the small mountain. To my surprise, there were people skiing, snowboarding, biking and sledding down this hill. We even saw an ATV that brought the skiiers up the hill after going down- genius.

Day 1: The somewhat rare sighting of Victoria in full snow!
A brilliant landscape view. Nothing better!
At the top on a windy day!
Day 2: The beginning of the path up the hill
My newest discovery and secret viewpoint spot!

Checking out Tim Horton’s:

Need I say more? Canada’s favorite coffee and donut shop, always fresh-toujour frais 🙂 Always a good idea after a hike.

Candy Cane Hot Chocolate

Experiencing Nightlife in Victoria: 

I’m already getting to know the bar scene here before classes get more rigorous and time-consuming… 

  • Darcy’s- Has become the MGB’ers favorite spot
  • The Sticky Wicket- Spacious and has a game room; perfect for groups 
  • Canoe- Has a fun live band every Thursday night!

The list will continue…


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