Blautopf Springs



Blautopf is a natural spring with an infamous aquamarine, turquoise color that attracts flocks of visitors year round to witness its mystery and beauty. An easy half-day trip from cities Ulm and Stuttgart, it’s the perfect place to visit with friends or family on the weekend.


Blautopf means “Blue Pot” in German and is home to an underwater cave that only divers can get to. From the spring’s surface, you can see small whirlpools in the water that shows there is movement and a little world beneath. It’s quite fascinating and not something you see every day!


Located in the town of Blaubeuren in Baden-Würrtemberg. Directions Here.

From Ulm HBF: 30 minute public transport or drive.

From Stuttgart HBF: 1 hour 30 minutes public transport or drive.


  1. Walk around the springs and discover the magic! Walking icon in iOS StyleExplore every angle of the Blautopf by making your way around it. It’s merely a short 10 minute trek through some trees, or follow the springs further. You can even feel the coolness of the pure water when you walk over the bridge!

~Fun *Science* Fact: The water carries limestone traits in it which attributes to its stunning color!

This photo is miraculously unedited!

Sign Reads: The works of the Lord are great, to the wonder of all. Psalm 111:2 God’s power to help is so great that he always has a way and a help for you.

Read more about the tale of this mermaid here.

2.  Take a proper hike up the surrounding hills! Hiking Icon Png #160464 - Free Icons LibraryFrom the city center, only about a 20 minute hike gets you to a stunning viewpoint overlooking the entire town and through some beautiful Swabian forest. Don’t miss it!

3. Treat yourself to some German gelato! Simple Ice Cream Icon In A Cone Stock Illustration - Download Image Now - iStockIf you’re there in the summertime, there will be no shortage of gelato cafes or stands. My favorite gelato flavors in Germany are pistachio, hazelnut or sorbets like banana and blackberry!

4. Explore the “Kloster Blaubeuren” or the Monastery of Blaubeuren. Explore Icon #425590 - Free Icons Library The first thing that stuck out to me when I arrived in Blaubeuren was how GORGEOUS the church steeple was! It’s green and yellow mosaic-like design is breathtaking and really shown brightly from the sun and against the lush forest backdrop. I wish I took a close-up photo but you’ll just have to experience it for yourself!

***Lastly, if you’re a student or backpacker on a budget, this trip would be perfect for you! With the cheap cost of public transport, and easy accessibility, don’t miss out on this well-worth-it sight!

If this post helped or inspired you, please comment below! If you’ve been to Blautopf before, I’d also love to hear about your experience! 🙂


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