Christmas in Europe

Chrismas is the best time of the year and no matter how much I love an American Christmas revolved around family and eggnog, Europe has a magical take on this merry season. In hundreds of major cities across Europe, Christmas markets arise in public squares with their wooden stands, trinkets, and goodies. They truly embode a magical atmosphere. Whether you’re just walking around and sipping hot chocolate or you’re purchasing gifts for friends and stopping for a bite to eat, any experience at one is better than none. I guarantee your Christmas spirit will reach new heights if you ever get the chance to visit. 


All fall semester I eagerly awaited Grenoble’s Christmas market to finally commence. It finally opened at the end of November and was around right up until I left on December 22nd. It was more than I could have ever imagined, and I had high expectations! It was pretty big and was centered in a public square in town but also spread in other areas too. For a smaller town like Grenoble, they really put on an impressive spectacle. The wooden stands featured delicious food, French delacacies, toy stands, numerous gift stands, and an ambiance worth stopping by for.

I probably went approximately 15 times but you can hardly blame me since I always passed it and was hooked to the **Jager** hot chocolate. It was unbeatable and a surprisingly good combination. I would go back solely for that. My favorite goodies I tried during the month long duration was a French raclette sandwich featuring their famous ooey gooey melted cheese on a baguette with meat and also traditonal French onion soup on a cold afternoon.

Isabel and I enjoying our Delirium Red beer (the best in the world) **1st tried in Belgium and was so surprised to find it again!


For my 1st time visiting Copenhagen, Denmark I got to witness their beautiful and inviting Christmas market. The city was packed with people on December 18th but I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I was entranced by the twinkling lights, Christmas decorations, mouthwatering cookie stands, and shimmering ornaments and trinkets alike. I walked by every stand wanting to buy everything I laid my eyes on. I was so happy to have been there!

The streets of Copenhagen during Christmas time


First off, Sweden was an incredible country to visit and I loved learning about their culture and way of life. One of my favorite traditions was Fika which is essentially a midday coffee break. It gets dark early in winter which calls for a warm hot chocolate, Swedish pastry, and warmth inside surrounded by good friends and deep conversation.

Malmo was a lovely town to explore during Christmas time. Lights and garlands lined the streets and rows and rows of stands were selling various items. It was such a festive place to be with friends! Sweden is very cold but walking around in the afternoon seeing everything warmed up my spirits.

I loved the tree with the lit up presents!

The streets in Lund, Sweden

A breathtaking Christmas tree in Lund, Sweden


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