Esslingen – A German Town

I have just moved to a small town called Esslingen (Esslingen am Neckar) in the Baden-Württemberg state of Germany. (Wow I still cannot believe I live here!) It’s basically a day trip outside of Stuttgart which is located in the south of Germany. The Neckar is the river along the town.

The most picturesque spot on the map! 

First of all, let me say that the south of Germany is spectacular with its hills, nature and fields. It’s picturesque and lined with red-roofed houses in the valleys that complete that postcard perfect look. I truly find this region to be stunning and recommend it already (after just three weeks here so far). 

Esslingen is a medieval town that is as charming as it gets. Imagine German style architectural buildings, narrow alleyways and colorful houses. From the first impression it really makes a name for itself.

The vineyards on the hill (yes, we have our own wine here!) *Still have to try it but will let you wine lovers know 😉

Esslingen offers many name brand and boutique shops and a pleasant walking experience. In fact, the whole city ground is made entirely of cobblestone which just adds to the charm. 

The Old Town Hall or clock tower — “the most beautiful building in town”Learn more

One of Esslingen’s top attractions is their “castle” which is more like castle ruins and a wall. It’s called the Berg and was actually constructed by town citizens for protection against enemies; it was never lived in by a royal family. Nonetheless, I’ll take it over nothing!

A view from the Berg (Esslingen Castle). The “Hochwacht” (High Watch Tower) (left) originates from the beginning of the 14th century —learn more

The Berg also offers incredible views of the city. On a bright, sunny day I had the privilege to witness this gorgeous view of the town, vineyards and surrounding villages. And it’s just a short, steep walk up the walls to see this.

Well that’s a wrap for now on just one typical town in Germany. I feel so incredibly lucky to be able to live here for roughly six months and experience a different culture than my own! As many of you know, France has been home to me for a couple years in the past but it’s very rewarding to be able to experience and compare another European country and culture. 

Also, Esslingen is supposed to be home to one of the best – and medieval – Christmas markets, however stay tuned to see what ends up happening this year due to covid-19 and its reprecussions. 

Currently, Esslingen is one of the hot spots for Coronavirus and we have to wear face masks even outside when just walking around. Hopefully that all changes soon though and I can have visitors 🙂 

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