Every Day is a New Adventure

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve lived somewhere, there is always something new to explore or perceive in a new light. Maybe that’s just the adventurous spirit in me, but I believe it’s true. The other day a typical stroll outside led to an unexpected surprise. 

I decided to go on a walk along the river in Grenoble to get some fresh air. I walked on a path I never had before and I loved all the pretty sights I saw. Then I came across a park I didn’t know existed called Jardin de Dauphinois and thought I’d check it out. It was exciting for me to find a new area in Grenoble since I’ve lived here for 5 months now. It turned out to be a hike up to the Bastille (an old fortress) but so much more. 

As I climbed further I found numerous lookouts with different views of the city. They were all spectacular and breathtaking. I couldn’t believe I’d been in Grenoble for so long and never knew this place was here! It was a bit foggy and rainy but that didn’t take away from the amazing views. 

When I was up high enough, I closed my eyes to soak it all in. I remember my mom once telling me to do that in a new place to remember the way you felt by utilizing your senses. She said to close your eyes, take long deep breaths, smell the surroundings, listen, and just feel. I felt so blessed so high up. Moments like these show me God’s goodness and remind me how lucky I am to be in France. I’ve realized taking lone adventures sometimes are good for the soul and are truly joyful. Especially in nature I feel closer to myself and to God. To re-engage with who I am, why I’m on this earth, and what’s really important. I am at peace and appreciate the path God has me on. 

With solo adventuring in mind, I’ve decided to take a leap of faith and go on a trip by myself. In about a week I will be heading to Munich, Germany with my friend and then splitting off to Prague and Vienna all on my own. I’ve heard that taking a trip by yourself is an amazing experience. You learn how to handle issues on your own, gain a strong sense of direction, and develop multiple life skills that are priceless for the rest of your life. Plus it pushes you outside your comfort zone to meet people, try new things, and become self-reliant. The whole experience shoud be immensely rewarding and life-changing.

 I’ve always loved traveling and still remember the first time I flew to Europe alone. I felt so independent, free, and with the whole world at my fingertips. I want to feel that way again and experience these new cities in a different perspective. Traveling in groups can be a lot of fun which is what I did all last semester, but I’m stoked to try something new. Being a solo traveler you are entirely subject to your own schedule and can do whatever you want. In groups there are certain barriers like contradicting opinions about what to do, at what times, where to eat, etc. There are benefits and challenges of each but all in all I can’t wait to embark on this new kind of journey.

I’ve come to the realization that I’m low key obsessed with where I live and just LOVE taking pictures in Grenoble. Every time I step outside I’m bound to have the urge to take a picture. I’m the kind of person who sees a shot and must capture it. I find these tiny moments to be so precious and think if I don’t take it now, it’ll be gone forever and I’ll regret it. So, with all these photos lying around I decided I needed a place to showcase them and that is where my 2nd Instagram mllemiki was born. I, Mademoiselle Miki, invite you to check it out and see all the hidden gems in the French Alps that are so dear to my heart.


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