Geneva, Switzerland Day Trip

7 years prior I visited this flower clock in Geneva on my 1st trip to Europe. I was only 14 years old then and felt a strong sense of being in a foreign place. Returning to this exact spot was exciting for me and I was proud I’d come back once again.

December 2nd my exchange program made a day trip to Geneva to explore the city. We took a train from France early in the morning and were welcomed by a crisp, sunny December day. We explored all around the city by foot with our program director who gave us lots of key insights about monuments and certain areas. We covered a lot in one day and were all pretty exhausted on the way home! Here’s some key places we hit that is my personal guide to Geneva:


Our first stop was to the prestigious United Nations building where we took a guided tour though several major conference rooms, hallways, and offices. It was interesting to learn about the structure of the UN organization and how they help the world. It was all very formal and official inside. I couldn’t help imagining being a diplomat going to work there, walking the marble halls, and participating in meetings in the large conference room among other businessmen and women from across the globe. I was in awe of the vastness of the space and how refined everything looked. You know you’ve made it in life if you get to conduct business here.


It’s easy to spend a good portion of the afternoon walking along Lake Geneva, admiring the water, port, and scenery. Even in December you’ll catch locals sunbathing by the water and perhaps even some nude swimmers. Catch a boat ride for a relaxing and scenic experience. 


A beautiful church indeed, but what was most intriguing about this cathedral was the lookout on top. You could spend 5 Euros to take a long winding staircase to get amazing views of Geneva. 

Picture by Maddie Tiffin


This is a famous monument in Geneva that is worth a stop by. It honors the many individuals, events, and documents of the Protestant/Christian Reformation. It was built in 1909 for John Calvin’s birthday (statue featured above in the picture).


Looking to buy Swiss chocolate? This is your spot. Inside is a massive display of hundreds of Swiss chocolatiers for a variety of prices. Time to load up on more than your typical Toblerone bars! This store also is a quality grocer with fresh cuisine from around the world. A great place to pick up dinner to go.

I’m sure there is much much more to discover and see in Geneva but for a day trip I feel like we accomplished a lot of ground and sights. Switzerland is a beautiful country in general and I hope to return and explore more someday.


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