Simple Packing Tips!

To BE a world traveler, one must
first learn the art of packing.  It truly is an art form since one cannot
merely throw clothes in a suitcase and call it a day. It can however be
learned. From much trial and error and with friends and family’s advice, I have
obtained important packing knowledge that is essential to the art of packing.

#1: The Backpack.

My trusty and fashionable Vera Bradley backpack that has 2
great size compartments, plus a space to hold my laptop.

I’ve been traveling my whole life
and instead of a simple purse I’ve always carried a backpack. They hold much
more, are easier to travel with, and conveniently have many compartments. Mine
also has a special place to hold my laptop which in airport security is very
manageable to take in and out. In the front pocket I would have small items
that are needed on hand like a pencil and pen, gum, hand sanitizer, tissues, chap
stick, earphones, wallet, etc. In the main section I have items to keep me busy
like books, important paperwork, a journal, snacks, etc. Additionally, if you
have special valuables you’re traveling with like jewelry I keep them in my backpack
because it’s with me at all times.

#2: Ziploc Bags.

For all your toiletry and bathroom
essentials, use these outside
moderation! For anything liquid a gallon size Ziploc bag is the way to go. When
taking nail polish, I always double bag. This keeps all the items that could
leak in a safe place that won’t ruin anything else in your suitcase. Plus it
keeps everything organized.

#3: Rolling.

In order for clothes to fit, you
must use the rolling technique. I’m talking about all your shirts, dresses,
sweaters, and shorts. Roll them up instead of folding and you will have more
space. For jeans and pants I tend to stack these in one place since they are
heavy and take up room no matter what you do. If you are like me and love
organization, keep specific clothes in garbage bags which you’ll be grateful
for once you arrive as everything will be in place.

#4: 50 pounds over.

You know the airport drill, the
suitcase can’t be more than 50 pounds otherwise it’s more expensive. If you
think you’re going to go over you must accept your need for a second suitcase.
This really isn’t bad because then you can place the heavy items equally in 2
suitcases and plus have more organization.

#5: Leave Room.

These are all my souvenirs after the 1st time I visited France
back in 2009. Believe me when I say you’ll be bringing back
a LOT.

It is so important not to
completely stuff your suitcase because when you’re abroad you will have
souvenirs you will want to bring home. If you don’t want the responsibility and
expense of a 3rd suitcase abroad, leave room for all those clothes
and chocolate delicacies you want to return home with you. This is a classic

#6: Ribbon Identification.

My luggage with their tags that I can spot right away amongst
all the other black suitcases.

Place a colored ribbon that you
like and is easily recognizable by you on all your luggage. This way there will
be no hesitation for which bag is yours! Give yourself a break by taking this
simple precaution.

Sincerely Yours,

Mikaela S.


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