I’ve always wanted to visit Germany for 3 reasons: 1 being I’m 25% German and I wanted to observe my heritage, 2 since it’s the home of the best Christmas markets, and 3 because of Neuschwanstein Castle. When I found roundtrip tickets to Munich for $40 this February, I was stunned and knew this was my opportunity. After 2.5 days in Germany this week, I’m so glad I made this trip to Bavarian country.

Munich, Germany is a lively, bustling city that’s both modern and historical. I was surprised by how vast it was and the amount of people walking the streets. My first impressions was that it was kind of plain, flat, and industrial but that’s before I found my way to the center of town. It’s a huge city with countless shops and stores and I found myself walking a ton. There are so many neat medieval towers and buildings with gorgeous German calligraphy, fun beer houses, and traditional restaurants everywhere.  I definitely felt the culture from the moment I walked into the main square. From what I gathered, Germany is best known for their beer, cars, sausage, and pretzels.

The most effective way of getting to know a new city is: 1, to figure out their transportation system, 2, to walk everywhere to see the sights, and 3 to do how the locals do. First, my friend and I did a Sandeman’s free tour to gain a real sense of the city which is always a rewarding experience. The Sandeman’s organization offers free tours that are provided in most major cities. The guides are upbeat and knowledgeable that provide you with all the local history, tips, and other resources. I enjoyed our tour a lot and now feel much more informed about Munich. 

I’m a person who tries to stray far away from the tourist traps and like to find my way into the local’s world. I’m always surprised by how many people end up in these “traps” since they aren’t even authentic and you can tell. I love doing research on a place before I visit and the blogs I went on all seemed to point to these popular tourist places. I was disappointed and would love to make my blog be a place for travelers to look and find local treasures among the famous monuments. On this trip to Munich, my friend knew of someone newly local to the city and he showed us around. I was so happy to do an authentic beer tour with him who had his favorite local spots and introduced us to his friends there. It was a much more fulfilling and unique experience. 


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