My Utah Adventure

I haven’t been adventuring in awhile so planning a weekend trip to Utah this Interterm was just what I needed! It’s always nice going to a new place (see my recent post) and I realized the state of Utah is definitely underrated for its natural beauty. Utah was full of mountains, hilly red canyons, and blue skies heightened with a crisp, January breeze. My two friends and I took a five and a half hour road trip from SoCal to St. George where we stayed for two nights. We visited Zion National Park which was an hour and a half away and did the challenging Angel’s Landing hike. Enjoy the pictures!

St. George, Utah

St. George is a lovely small town with a homey feel to it. Our first night there we dined at a homestyle chain restaurant called Black Bear Diner where I tried chicken and waffles for the first time. I liked both the chicken and the waffles… but seperately! Aftwerwards we went to another popular chain called Swig which serves sweet drinks and their classic pink frosted sugar cookie!

My favorite part about St. George was visiting the Slot Canyon which is basically a really narrow trench that you walk through! It was fairly tight and claustraphobic but luckily I fit through just fine. 

I also loved seeing the views at this gorgeous viewpoint: Just UNBEATABLE!

Zion National Park, Utah

Zion was abosultely breathtaking and I’m sure there was so much more that we could have seen. We arrived in the morning and it was quite chilly outside which made me not feel very prepared for our hike. However, I knew once we got moving I would warm up and the sun would shine down on us!

If you’ve heard anything about Angel’s Landing, you know it’s not an activity for the faint-hearted. It starts out like any other hike with steep switchbacks and steady inclines, but once you get up higher you have to hold onto chain ropes to progress further up.

It’s definitely nerve-racking when you’re thousands of feet off the ground and holding onto a mere metal chain, but the views are incredibly worth it and so is the rush you feel from the experience! It’s a physically exhausting hike taking about four hours total but it was the best one I’ve ever done.

The hike was such an incredible experience that I will never forget! Afterwards we treated ourselves to in and out burger and a long nap! After two full days since the hike, I still feel the toll this strenuous hike did to my body! Certainly not an everyday venture, but 100% worth the effort. 

Thanks for the memories Utah & my lovely friends Brenna, Sandra, Alex, and Adam! <3


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