Mikaela Schneider

Aspiring International Businesswoman

Hello, and welcome to my travel & lifestyle blog. Writing and blogging are two of my passions and I hope you enjoy all my site has to offer. Highlighted below are my professional job experiences, educational background and skillsets.

“One Day, or Day One. You Decide.”

Paolo coelho

I am an American graduate student with international prowess and aspirations. I have studied and worked in both the USA and France gaining a high cultural awareness and aptitude between these two nations. I truly am determined to transcend cross-cultural barriers through language, understanding and cultural intelligence.

Marketing Consultant

-Market Outreach Consulting and Content Writing experience through the platform Upwork for various company’s and industries
-Prepared email campaign mailing lists and wrote hundreds of marketing emails, templates and headers
-Wrote blog posts on a variety of topics with key words for SEO purposes

English Teaching Assistant

– Taught and prepared primary school level English lessons for children ages 6-9 (CP/CM1/CM2) at 4 schools
– Communicated effectively with teachers and school administrators in French and English
– Assisted at remote schools every Friday for “Fun Day” to educate on American customs and holiday’s

Master’s of Global Business

Tri-continental Master’s program in Canada, Austria and Peru

Bachelor’s of Business Administration

Minor in Integrated Educational Studies & Emphasis in International Business

My Skillset:

  • Blogging and WordPress writing and analytics
  • Knowledge and application of Microsoft Office
  • Experience with Adobe Photoshop, Salesforce, Hootsuite and Pardot
  • Diplomatic
  • Creative
  • Adaptable
  • Top communicator: Public speaking, Verbal, Written & Active Listener
  • Native in English, Fluent in French and Basic Proficiency in German and Spanish

Current Job Prospects:

I am currently seeking an internationally focused internship or co-op in Europe with respect to my Master’s program to start in Fall 2020 for 2-8 months. Read more here.