Seattle, WA


~Seattle, Washington~

So many students at Chapman call Washington their home and they always say how beautiful their state is and how they can’t wait to return. Since Southern California is such a perfect place to be, I knew that something special must exist there if this were to be the case. For this reason I knew I’d have to visit for myself sometime soon. My 2 best friends from Chapman, Brenna and Morgan, live there and we quickly made plans for me to come. The flights from SoCal to Seattle were very cheap and I would stay at their houses so it wasn’t a very expensive trip. I was grateful for the opportunity to explore a new place and see my friends for a week while on a budget. They were the best hosts and made my first trip there perfect! When I arrived I was completely in awe of all I saw. My high expectations were immediately satisfied. Seattle definitely lives up to the hype it gets. Most of all I loved how much nature was surrounding me. I loved all the trees, how lush and green everything was, and I got lots of good vibes in general. It’s an ideal place for people with an adventurous spirit, who love nature, and appreciate the world we live in. Everyone is super environmentally friendly and I can see why. The atmosphere is so clean and fresh and there is so much natural beauty everywhere you look. Who wouldn’t want to preserve such prestine views?! While I was there I made sure I hit all the major tourist attractions while I also got to see what my 2 friends hometowns offered. I would say it was a very successful trip that I’ll always remember!

Views of my friend Brenna’s ‘backyard!’ We are on the dock.

The best friends a girl could have!
Snoqualmie Falls was a breathtaking sight.

Good eats at Brenna’s house. 🙂

Pike’s Place Market famous boar statue.
I could have spent the entire afternoon at Pike’s. From all the stands of produce, jams, chocolates, paintings, lotions, and collectibles you could walk and stop for hours. There is such a friendly, welcoming, warm vibe there.

Fresh picked, blush pink Peonies.
Views of the Space Needle and downtown Seattle from afar.

Stunning views at the top of the Rattlesnake hike. It was utterly breathtaking and beautiful.


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