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A few weeks ago I embarked on my first solo trip abroad. It’s definitely a much different way of traveling and experiencing a new place. I was a solo traveler for 6 days where I visited Prague, Czech Republic and Vienna, Austria. I really wanted to visit these cities and since nobody else could come along, I decided nothing should stop me from seeing them. Luckily, I had all postive experiences and stayed safe.

I surprised myself about how well I navigated through entire new cities all on my own. It was unquestionably exciting and thrilling. I managed to make it from the bus stop to various trains/metro systems and eventually to my hostel. There are directions and signs everywhere which prevent from confusion or getting lost and if you need any help there’s always people around to ask. I realized it just requires some common sense and focus which I was entirely capable of. Whenever I traveled in groups before, I usually let other people take over to navigate maps and transportation, but I finally got to experience it for myself.

I spent my days entirely according to my own schedule. I woke up fairly early each day around 7:30-8am to walk around and sightsee. I did 3 hour walking tours in the late mornings where I enjoyed being part of some organized group. I additionally walked so many miles on my own, wanting to see it all. I took lots of pictures, treated myself, and enjoyed where I was in every moment.

One of my favorite memories was meeting people in my hostel in Prague. I met 2 fellow travelers who were sisters halfway through an 8 week journey through Europe and Asia. They were so nice and friendly and never before had I gotten to know anyone in hostels; usually everyone just keeps to themselves. One night after walking the entire day and I was absolutely exhausted, the 2 girls invited me to sit down to dinner with them. There was a kitchen in our hostel and they had made pasta with sausage. After a long day it was so nice to have company over a warm meal. I was so appreciative of their welcoming attitude and openness. The next day we had a delicious brunch together and walked around in the sunshine. I am so happy I met them and had comraderie on my solo travel.

My new friends Kela and Melia

Brunch at Cafe Savoy in Prague

Selfie at John Lennon Wall in Prague

Overall, I learned that I prefer to travel with other people. It’s a much more pleasurable experience to be with friends and it’s much less lonely. When traveling, there’s a lot of waiting in lines, far distances to walk, and lots of free time that I would have much rather filled with the accompaniment of friends. The memories are far more meaningful when shared with others. I’ll never forget my solo trip and all I got to experience, but I think in the future I’ll refrain from traveling entirely alone. 


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