Spring Break

Spring Break French Edition:

Woohoo! A whole week off of school! But do I even study abroad anyway? 😉 

I began my vacation by visiting Amsterdam in the Netherlands with my close friends. It was about an hour plane ride from Grenoble and we stayed for 2 and a half days. 
Amsterdam is a really cool city with beautiful canals, bicycles, good food, and interesting attractions. My friends and I discovered the famous and risque Red Light District, took pictures by the classic I AMSTERDAM sign, and visited a lovely Dutch musuem featuring Rembrandt, Van Gogh, and other talented artists. The weather was not ideal; it rained the entire time and was gloomy outside. However, this did not stop us from walking throughout the city where we did a 3 hour free walking tour, went through a flower bulb market, and explored a beautiful park. I treated myself to a delicious strawberry frosted waffle and their well-known thick cut fries with a mayo dip. Since flowers weren’t in bloom yet, I bought a wooden tulip souvenir to take home with me that I will always remember the city by. 

One of my favorite memories was our last night there where we had fancy cocktails at a hip rooftop bar. The lounge was at the top of a hotel and seemed super exclusive but was totally welcoming to non-guests and apparently anyone who wanted to stop by. There were beautiful views of the city and even a rooftop pool which I wish we could have used. My friends and I enjoyed ourselves to the fullest playing cards, talking, and sipping at our fun drinks. Afterwards we went to an Argentinian grill for a late night dinner where I had tasty salmon and more of those fantastic fries. Even with the unfortunate weather and our mediocre hostel, it was overall such a fun trip and I took many memories back home with me.

Rooftop bar with a pool overlooking the city

Cool Vibes at the W Lounge

Back in Grenoble, I mostly relaxed and took time to myself. On Saturday, my friends from my exchange group all got together for a brunch to celebrate one of their birthday’s. It was at my old home-stay house which is always nice to go back to. We all cooked together and sat outside on the backyard patio enjoying the sun. We had eggs benedict and a mouthwatering sweet banana bread.

My last day of break I got “lunch” aka dessert crepes with my classmates. It was fun catching up and sitting outside during the sunny afternoon. Afterwards we made our way to a park and lay out in the grass for hours. Grenoble is finally getting warm and springtime is in full bloom! I’d say it was the perfect way to end my break. I’m so blessed that I could travel during this time, spend time with friends, and have time for me.

Caramel banana crepe (:

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