Summer Baking Day!

Baking has always been a passion of mine. I love the whole
process, not just the end result that satisfies my sweet tooth. And to be
clear, I really do love dessert. I am not picky and love trying new things. I
have always considered chocolate a daily necessity though. It seems to be the one sweet that just satisfies. My chocolate lovers out there, you get me. However there are days I’m in the mood for something
else too like something lemony, peanut buttery, or coconuty. If I had to rate
my favorite desserts it would most likely be:

Anything chocolate


Brownies/Cupcakes/Cookies (They all tie for 3rd)

Ice Cream



The key to baking is following the recipe and making exact
measurements. If it says 2 teaspoons, it’s no less and no more! A baking recipe can be completely ruined if you don’t precisely
follow the measurements. And I’ve always loved that part about it. Cooking is
the opposite because you can be creative and add a little of this or a little
of that. 

It’s calming to me to spend time baking, which is why today I had a “baking
day.” Basically this is a day I had free of work and commitments so I solely
used the day to bake, write, and relax on my front porch at the perfect time in
the afternoon when it’s feels sunny and blissful. I have no regrets about dedicating a whole day to run through all my Pinterest recipes and make a mess in the
kitchen. This I what I would consider (one of) my perfect days and we are on this earth to enjoy
life after all!

Today I woke up around 9:30am. I normally would get up and get going with my morning workout but today I wanted to treat myself
and have a rest day (that tbh revolved around food). And around that time I decided it would be a perfect day
for baking! I had breakfast of a blackberry Chobani Greek yogurt with some TJ’s
granola and then hit my local grocery store (Jewel Osco) for some ingredients. When
I got back home I did some laundry and cleaned the kitchen and I already felt like I
was having a productive day. I made a nice sandwich for lunch and then started to decide what I would
bake. Here are the delicious desserts that consumed most of my day:

#1: Chocolate Banana Muffins

These are absolutely heavenly and moist! I wanted to try
half to test and in approx. 1.2 seconds the whole thing was gone… They’re a perfect
combination of chocolate and banana to satisfy those cravings. Perfect for
breakfast or a midday snack.

Since it’s summer I put the leftovers in a cute dish. In my
house these will probably only last until tomorrow. One of the reasons I can
bake so much is because my 3 younger siblings eat my treats up in a snap! I
won’t even do much of the eating!

Here’s the recipe!

#2: Lemon Bars

Who doesnt’t like a luscious lemon bar? I was certainly in a 

lemony mood today… 

The Lemon Station 
Right fresh from the oven! (looks like a quiche here)

Added powdered sugar!
Here they are, the finished product! So yummy.
A lemony, tangy , sugary taste! And GF crust too!

#3: Lemon Cookies (Variation 1 & 2). 

On top are the gluten free cookies and on the
bottom are the regualr ones, Look pretty much
the same!

I decided to try 2 different Pinterest lemon cookie recipes, cause why not! One is gluten free and the other is made with all-purpose flour. They both turned out absolutely amazing!

In the process…

Well, it was quite a fun day! Here is me in my apron, happy as a clam. Baking is one of those things I do best and it would be such a privilege to open a bakery someday… I hope I can make that happen!

Check out my Pinterest for recipe ideas and more:

Get these recipes @:

GF Lemon Bars:

GF Cookies:

Reguar Cookies:

Sincerely Yours,

Mikaela S.


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