This Sweet Little Town of Mine

Since my journey abroad began, I have gained new places I can call home. Places that lift my spirit, have great natural beauty, and make me feel like I’ve found my little corner of the world.

Not every place I have lived in Europe has become this “home away from home,” yet of course meaningful, but I have come across two very special places that will forever be in my heart. Perhaps I have come across them by fate, but I think you just know when a place feels right.

My first home away from home is Grenoble, France, a quaint city in the valley of the vast French Alps. My heart struck gold in the surreal mountain views seen from the street corners and up above in the Bastille fortress. It is the ideal French city in my eyes, and I felt irresistibly happy and content being there. I soaked up as much Grenoble beauty as I could for almost a year and always can’t wait to go back.

My second home away from home is Esslingen, Germany. This is a smaller town outside of Stuttgart, one of Germany’s main cities in the south. It is an old medieval town, with the city center full of charming, colorful houses and cobblestone roads everywhere. This town also sits in a valley amongst the vineyards on the hill and the views from there are absolutely stunning. It makes my heart and soul incredibly happy being at the top of the vineyards, especially on a sunny, warm day. It’s as if time stops, and I’m on top of the world.

Esslingen am Neckar
View from the Esslingen Berg
At the top of the Berg (fortress)
Views from the top of the hill

Living somewhere beautiful and meaningful is very important to me. When I wake up every day, I want to be reminded of the simple beauty in life in the natural landscape around me. It truly negatively touches my soul when I am living in a cold, ugly, view-less place. My heart sinks and yearns to be elsewhere – near the mountains or sea. It just dawns on me that these places are for us to enjoy, and if it means so much to me I’d rather put in the work to make it happen.

Choose the place you live wisely – it encompasses everything else.

It’s really crazy to think what a Passport can do. It has allowed me to experience and live in these beautiful places amongst the locals – even becoming a local myself. If I never were to have left the US and study and work around Europe, I would never know these enchanting places and how it feels to live there. It truly speaks wonders to the great gift of travel and giving a new country a chance, even when that means not knowing their language, not quite understanding their cultural norms, or feeling alone and lost in a far away land.

I hope you love where you live, that it brings you joy and contentedness, peace and happiness. It makes such a difference when you love where you live, as you will learn to love the every day, its changing seasons, and its simple pleasures. If you don’t, travel, and you will find your new home away from home!


Miss Butterfly Blessings


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  1. MaryBeth
    March 22, 2022 / 10:14 pm

    How beautiful Mikaela. Hope to visit again some day. Love and miss you, but happy for you and your travels. Germany is definitely a beautiful country. Enjoy all God brings to your view.

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