Trip to the Wine Region of Southern Germany

March 26-28th, 2021

Last weekend, I visited a beautiful region in the Baden-Württemberg state of Germany. It offers vineyards stretching for miles and small villages straight off a postcard. As it was my very first visit here, I can only offer a glimpse into the area, but I can surely promise I will be back with more to tell. 

First of all, Baden-Württemberg is the most southwestern state of Germany and is actually the state I currently live in, yet the drive was still two and half hours south. The small town I visited is called Vögisheim which is close to the French and Swiss border and the larger, nearby town of Freiburg. Luckily, I had some locals to show me around!

Map of Baden-Württemberg, the most southwestern state of Germany

Here in Vögisheim, I had the chance to stay at a charming, local hotel which boasts a breathtaking panoramic view of the vineyards. It was the most peaceful, stunning view and almost felt like looking at a moving oil painting. You could simply relax and stare in its presence and it would never get old. Imagine small gusts of wind in the trees, people walking around and the clouds slowly forming across the sky – these were the small movements I saw. The caretakers of the hotel love their hotel, guests and region alike and after just a few days staying there you can understand why. 

Breathtaking view of the vineyards from the hotel

The hotel owners were the parents of my boyfriend’s friend and they’ve been running the hotel, Landhaus Friede, for a long while. They have visitors from all over and say where they live is always a vacation; always meeting new people and getting to show off this incredible region.

When you take a drive through the region, you see hill after hill of vineyards and farmland with a backdrop of the Vosges mountains. But the best was doing a hike and getting to walk through the most picture perfect scene straight out of The Sound of Music, except that you’re in Germany instead of Austria.

I was so thankful for a sunny day outside and getting to experience such natural beauty.

Our hosts also took us to see both a Schloss (castle or palace) and a Burg (a fortress / medieval ruin) in the area. Germany has an uncountable amount of castles, and there were even more in this region alone, but here are the ones we saw:

The Schloss Bürgeln – or the “Pearl of the Markgräflerland” is a lovely palace that has changed a lot through the years and is now reconstructed into a long-lasting landmark. It’s a dreamy place for a wedding, event or even just a guided tour. Of course, no tours were happening at this time, but the sun was shining strongly and it was fun to check it out.

The Sausenburg Turm or Tower are the ruins of the former Sausenberg Castle created after 1232 and before 1246. It was elegant with green vines growing on it.


The town of Sulzburg is a neighboring town that stood out to me as having the oldest church I have ever seen. Named St. Cyriakus Church, it’s originally from 993 AD, which is absolutely incredible and historic. There have been renovations done of course but the foundation still dates back to before the 1000’s began. There is a small cemetery surrounding it, goats playing on the hillside and the whole time I just tried to wrap my head around how old this place was. A landmark like this you don’t forget!

St. Cyriakus Church – originally from 993 AD


I was only in Freiburg for half a day, but it’s a great place to walk around and explore. It’s a big university city and there’s an infamous library that is a sore eye to many locals due to its window reflection from the sun. Here’s a compilation of my favorite photos from visiting Freiburg:

Thanks so much for reading about and visually experiencing my trip to the Rhine Valley!

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  1. Robin Burns
    March 30, 2021 / 1:35 pm

    Thank you for sharingI thoroughly enjoyed viewing your pictures and reading about your trip! What a wonderful experience.💕
    Mrs. Burns

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