Why I Love Chapman University

Welcome to Resort College


in Orange, California

My home university is located in the sunniest, happiest, and most beautiful spot on earth! The OC is the gem of southern california offering the best beaches, sunshine, and fun outdoor activities. When I say resort college I mean it: Chapman is surrounded by blue skies and palm trees making the campus pretty much feel like a tropical resort vacation. Take a look for yourself…

#1: The Dorm Pool

Feeling like tanning or relaxing by the pool after class? Or a light swim on a lazy Sunday? Chapman has got you covered with a pool minutes from the dorms! There’s no such thing as spending too much time here. You can even bring your books to study on a lawn chair if you wish but don’t forget your sunglasses or sunblock!

#2: The Caf

Our school’s cafeteria (located on the left) is considered one of the better one’s for many reasons. We have so many options of cuisines and it’s fresh made on a daily basis right in front of your eyes. Student’s favorites include the gourmet tasting chocolate chip cookies, the healthy grilled chicken, quality made to order sandwiches, and the famous lettuce wrap dish. Meal time is a great break from studies to catch up with friends and stay for hours.

#3: Fountain Hopping

One of the best Chapman traditions is fountain hopping. Chapman has four fountains on campus that are great for looking at but even better for late night splashing in! It’s an unofficial tradition that usually consists of a group of students who gather by the dorms in their bathing suits ready for a wild time. They then proceed to run across campus and jump in each fountain, getting as wet as they please. The key is to go fast and skip the pictures as P-Safe might catch you!

The Global Citizens Fountain 

#4: UPB Events

Chapman’s University Program Board organizes countless on-campus events every semester! There is an event for everyone ranging from cultural events, leisure activities, and even excursions off-campus. You’ll always be aware of what’s going on with posters spread across campus. Some of my favorites include the Holi Festival in the spring where students can throw colored powder in the air, Spring Sizzle with carnival games and food, Midnight Breakfast during finals week for late night snacks and entertainment, and day trips to places like Balboa Island or musuems. 

My friends & I after the Holi Festival on the main lawn

#5: Skit & Airbands

Chapman is a gifted school in the arts where there’s always some dance show to attend, movie screening to watch, or art exhibit to view. However the main events of the year are Skit in the spring and Airbands in the fall semester. Skit is put on by all of Greek life’s fraternities and sororities where they compete in a long-rehearsed dance and singing number. Airbands is a similar performance but it’s strictly a dance competition. If you don’t partake in the month long practices, you should definitely get a ticket for the show because it’s a Chapman tradition that you don’t want to miss! It’s so fun cheering on friends and enjoying high quality entertainment.

Kappa Kappa Gamma’s School of Rock Skit 2016

#6: Greek Life

They say almost 30% of Chapman goes Greek and it’s definitely worth looking into no matter who you are. Finding a group of like-minded people on campus is a great way to get involved, meet new people, and expand your horizons. There are so many fun activities, events, traditions, and opportunities when you join that you will never be homesick or bored. Chapman has 8 different sororities and 10 fraternities.

Recruitment Bid Day 2014

#7: The Orange Circle

Walking distance from Chapman is the Orange circle which is the city of Orange’s cute little town. It’s called the circle because of the roundabout street in the center of town with a fountain in the middle. There are numerous clothing shops, places to eat, antique stores, and more in this quaint but charming town. It’s a great place to walk around with friends and take your parents when they visit for a nice (free) meal. Some favorite restaurants of students include Growl (a juicery), Pizza Press (individual pizzas), Bruxie (gourmet waffles), and the Filling Station (an American restaurant).

#8: The Library

Believe it or not the library on campus is one of my favorite places at Chapman. It’s a beautiful and spacious building with 3 floors featuring countless places to study and a cafe. It’s open until 2am every day and during finals week it stays open 24-7 with free study cookies. I found my favorite spot here at a cubicle desk on the second floor by the window. A quiet study place is essential in college and here I find my needed peace.

Chapman’s Leatherby Libraries 

#9: Free Fitness Classes

Besides the exceptional gym on campus, Chapman offers weekly fitness classes in the student union for anyone to participate in. There’s yoga, kickboxing, and HIIT classes all taught by current and certified Chapman students. You just need to sign up to partake in these awesome classes that will get your heart rate up and clear your head. Sometimes there’s yoga on the lawn which is always a fun and relaxing event to do with friends.

Yoga on the Lawn

#10: O-Week

For freshman, orientation week or O-Week is full of fun welcoming activities and events for the start of the school year. Current students can become an OA or orientation assistant that help make the freshmen’s first week the very best. Most everything is optional but it’s most beneficial to partake in everything there is to offer. You get a booklet highlighting the weeks events and meet with your group and 2 OA’s every day for tours, activities, and informational sessions. I found it very helpful, exciting, and inspirational as an incoming student. For returning students make way for a scene of extended parties and festivities…

Candle lighting with your parents and family during O-Week

#11: Winterfest

Every December Chapman gets festive by decorating the campus with tree lights but it’s really all in preparation for Winterfest. This annual festival is welcome for students and neighboring families in Orange alike. There’s live entertainment from the choir, band, swing dancing club, and even a theatrical reading of The Night Before Christmas by a professor. The best part is when Santa arrives with his sleigh, tests the believer meter, and suddenly snow starts falling from the sky! Chapman is the only school that is cool enough to make it snow in southern california. Our past President, President Doti would even join in on the holiday spirit!

#12: Expansion 

Chapman is an up and coming school that is always expanding and growing in size and status. There is always something new being built to add to campus thanks to our endearing benefactors and alumni. The construction projects may take some time but the final result is so worth the wait. It’s exciting to see your university becoming even greater and grander each year. Just as our performing arts building was completed, a new project to build a new science and technology building was launched. 

The new Musco Center of the Performing Arts building finished in spring 2016

#13: Small class sizes

To faciltitate learning, Chapman offers small class sizes for its approximate 6,000 undergraduate students. This makes it easy to ask questions in class, participate more, and to see a professor in office hours for additional assistance. For anyone wanting a more personalized educational experience, this is big factor that led me towards my decision to come here. 

#14: Disneyland is 15 minutes away

America’s largest and most well-known theme park is so close to campus. Students get Disney passes to just go on rides or eat a churro after class in one of the most famous places on earth that people come to from around the world. It’s even a great job opportunity to fulfill your dreams of becoming a Disney princess or perform in shows and parades. Whether you take advantage of Chapman’s great location or not, at least one visit is necessary for every Chapman student to experience the magic. You can even view the Disney fireworks from the 3rd floor of our business building every night!

#15: Close proximity to the ocean

If I’m studying in California, I better be close to the beach. Chapman is only 20-30 minutes away from the closest beaches like Huntington, Laguna, or 1000 Steps Beach. If you don’t have a car there’s always someone who does that will lend an extra seat in their car. For a quick beach fix to a whole day spent there, anytime is a good time to head to the beach. 

There you have it, 15 reasons why I love Chapman University. It’s truly a special place to be and even though I decided to study abroad for a year, I’m grateful for everything my school offers. If it wasn’t for Chapman I would never even be studying abroad in the first place. This is yet another amazing opportunity provided by Chapman that I was lucky enough to take advantage of. Chapman University is the ideal place to be whatever your interests and you get all this and more…

Southern CA’s sunsets are priceless


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